Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning services

Professional and dependable Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning services with your commercial maintenance of building or commercial property agreement.

Part of protecting your company property is keeping the building and surrounding areas clean and free of dirt and dangerous hazards. By regularly pressure washing the building and parking areas you eliminate liability hazards and keep things looking clean. Professionally pressure washing your commercial buildings is one of many things Facility Solutions does with maintenance agreements.

We provide our professional pressure washing service for:

  • Commercial Properties;

  • Retail Stores;

  • Shopping Centers;

  • Malls;

  • Office Parks;

  • Industrial Parks;

  • Hotels;

  • Construction Companies;

  • Apartment Complexes;

  • Apartment Complexes;

  • Condo Associations;

  • Homeowner Associations;

  • Parking Garages and Private Parking Lots;

  • Hospitality Industries;

  • Lifestyle Centers;

  • Theme Parks and Attractions;

  • Developers;

  • and other business property.

We can pressure wash your parking lot, driveways, sidewalks, and lower level exterior building structures.

Contact Facility Solutions by calling 407-951-6804 regarding your commercial pressure washing service needs.