Strip and Waxing Floors

Stripping & Waxing Floors

Stripping & Waxing floors in your business is our business at Facility Solutions. No matter the type of flooring or size of building, we have the right tools and experience to do the job right. We pride ourselves on treating our clients floors like they were our own. We do not cut corners or skip steps in the process. We have the experts with the right experience and tools to make sure your floors are something you can be proud of without worry about it being done.

Stripping & Waxing Vinyl Composite Tile, (VCT)

Although VCT Vinyl floors can be extremely durable, they need proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and shine. Without proper maintenance, vinyl floors lose their shine, develop wax buildup, yellow discoloration, scratches and abrasions; and act like a magnet that attracts dirt. Facility Solutions  floor experts provide stripping, sealing and waxing to restore the look of your floor. To keep your floors looking mirror bright, we can provide regular maintenance which includes high speed buffing and periodic scrubbing and re-coating.

When should you strip and wax your VCT? If you see flakes of wax from your floor while you are sweeping, it is time for a deep cleaning of your flooring.

Stripping & Waxing of Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo flooring is a huge investment. Keeping  that  investment looking good is Facility Solutions job. With normal use the stone can become worn and dull over time. Sometimes, cleaning and polishing are all that is necessary to restore the stone to its original appearance.

Here is a great article written by the University of Florida on Terrazzo floor care.

Facility Solutions  is the right partner to make sure your investment is protected and the brand is looking good. Each floor has different needs and we have the knowledge and experience to apply the proper service . Contact us today for a free estimate and a list of references.